Some Aspects of Implementing Microservices..

Categories: Programming, Architecture

Here are a few recent articles I’ve written recently related to microservices:

If you are thinking about building microservices (either greenfield or refactoring) then maybe my brief opinion on right-sizing microservices will be useful (though it’s pretty much what many other people are also saying).

If you are building a system in which different components have independent release cycles, but only have experience testing systems in which all components are released at once (including sytems where there is only one component) then the article on testing distributed systems may be helpful to you.

The Component Maturity Model article presents a list of capabilities that, in my opinion, microservice implementations should have. This list was developed for a previous employer (by the architecture team in collaboration with the company’s developers) as a checklist that each project/codebase implementing a standalone service should evaluate itself against. Perhaps you may find it useful for similar purposes. And BTW, this article is actually from march this year; I just hadn’t linked to it from the front page until now.