Kafka Manager

Categories: BigData

I recently discovered a free web-based management console for the Kafka message broker called Kafka Manager. Although I have only spent half-an-hour playing with it so far, it looks reasonable.

Releases are only provided in source form. As described on the home-page, the code can be compiled with

  ./sbt clean dist

This produces a zip-file which can then be unpacked, configured and started. Compilation on my laptop took about half an hour, mostly due to the need to download vast amounts of Scala infrastructure.


  • unpack somewhere
  • edit conf/application.conf to set the zookeeper address
  • run sh bin/kafka-manager
  • open a web-browser to localhost:9000
  • select menu option “add cluster” and enter a url like “host:port/NAMESPACE” where host:port point to the zookeeper instance, and NAMESPACE is usually empty.

It is also helpful to set environment variable JMX_PORT on the Kafka message broker nodes. This allows Kafka Manager to obtain far more information about the message broker state. It is not necessary to explicitly configure the port-number within Kafka Manager - it appears to obtain this via the Kafka cluster itself.