Downloading Jenkins

Categories: Java

Jenkins is the leading continuous-integration server for Java-based projects. It is purely open-source - which is why I was rather puzzled when I wanted to install a Jenkins server recently, and found it extremely hard to obtain a download bundle for it. The Jenkins website offers no war-file (Java-web-archive), zip or tarfile download links - just dot-deb, etc.

Guys, not everybody wants a pre-packaged solution - don’t forget to provide a basic download please!

Eventually I found that the raw files can still be downloaded here:

UPDATE: Thanks to Przemek Wesolek for pointing out that the link to the Jenkins war-format download was right before my eyes. The download-widget has a drop-down menu without warfile as option - but clicking on the widget itself (not in the menu) downloads the warfile artifact. I don’t remember having seen a UI component that works quite like that before - but it is obvious in retrospect.