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What’s Here..

This site holds an irregularly published set of articles on Linux and Programming; articles will be added as I discover interesting things that others might also want to read about.


I can be contacted via email at: > skitchingDELETE@DELETEvonos.net (delete the DELETE)

Posts and Articles

The content on this site is divided into two types. “Posts” are typical blog entries - personal, related to a specific time, and seldom updated afterwards. “Articles” are descriptions of how things work, and may well be revised/rewritten due to feedback or as I learn more. Often, a short blog post will be used to point out newly written or significantly updated articles.

There may also be articles that no “post” refers to; they can be found via the “Categories” links.


All posts (blog entries) on this site are copyright Simon Kitching, all rights reserved.

All articles on this site are copyright Simon Kitching, and are licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike License (cc-by-sa). This means that if you wish to incorporate any of this information into manuals licensed under the same license, feel free (though I would appreciate being contacted first).

For any open-source project which wishes to incorporate information here into their own documentation or site, please ask - generally, I’ll be happy to grant full rights in that case. After all, if it’s worth writing about, then it’s only fair to contribute back.


This site is published with nanoc. The categories code was inspired by this post. The theme borrows some ideas and icons from the octopress Oct2 theme, and particularly the hand-sketched navigation icons from charfish. Pages are mostly in markdown format (with extensions) and are processed by kramdown.

Meanings for “Mine of Information”

This site has nothing at all to do with http://www.mineofinformation.com.

And I (sadly) have nothing to do with the Kitching Fossil Exploration Center..