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Although the following links are divided into topics, many of them could be placed in multiple categories; architecture is a crazy, sprawling, many-tentacled thing..

What is Architecture?

A few links which address the question of what architecture actually is..

Architectural Patterns

A few links to architectural patterns (other than ones which have dedicated sections below)..


Domain-Driven Design

Event Driven Systems

Event Sourcing

Teams and Processes


Articles by Christian Posta

Christian Posta has written so many excellent articles on microservices and related topics that it’s worth a dedicated section. Here are the articles I found most interesting, though it is worth checking out everything he has written. I’ve ordered these posts in the sequence that makes the most sense to me (not in publishing date):

Generally Useful Resources

Other Interesting Stuff


A nice rewording of Conway’s Law:

If the architecture of the system and the architecture of the organization are at odds, the architecture of the organisation wins. – Ruth Malan, 2008

Two nice quotes related to the importance of in-house technical experts in creating new ideas - related to both the ideas of agile empowered teams and to domain-driven design (via Joakim Sunden):

.. a strong tech-powered product company would no sooner outsource their engineers than they would outsource their CEO – Marty Cagan

We need teams of missionaries, not teams of mercenaries. – John Doerr

From The Tyranny of Metrics by Jerry Muller:

There are things that can be measured. There are things that are worth measuring. But what can be measured is not always what is worth measuring; what gets measured may have no relation to what we really want to know. The costs of measuring may be greater than the benefits. The things that get measured may draw effort away from the things we really care about. And measurement may provide us with distorted knowledge - knowledge that seems solid but is actually deceptive.

From Mark Richards’ Report on Microservices vs Service Oriented Architecture:

SOA is built on the concept of a share-as-much-as-possible whereas microservices is built on the concept of share-as-little-as-possible.

An amusing but on-target quote from (supposedly ai-driven tool) Architect Clippy (twitter/@architectclippy):

I see you have a poorly structured monolith. Would you like me to convert it into a poorly structured set of microservices?