Trying Linux From Scratch

Categories: Linux

As noted earlier, I’ve been playing with Linux From Scratch recently. I’ve finished setting up my system and rebooted - works! If you are considering trying LFS you might find my notes interesting.

One thing I noticed was that the LFS book links to a Software Building HOWTO from The Linux Documentation Project. Sadly the HOWTO is very outdated (as is everything on TLDP as far as I can tell). I’ve therefore written a new beginner’s guide to installing from source. I’m not sure if anybody will ever read it - those who are interested in installing from source probably know most of this stuff. However not having any alternative to that really old document (which referenced Imake, OS/2, Motif!) available just annoyed me. It’s very unfortunate that the TLDP project appears to have died; it was a good idea.